Vagisan® Lactic Acid
to support the vaginal flora

Women who are susceptible to recurrent vaginal infections may help prevent these infections by different measures (see Possible preventive measures). One of these measures is the use of lactic acid which maintains and restores natural vaginal pH levels, thus contributing to a healthy vaginal environment.

Fast acidification of the vagina with lactic acid

In a healthy vagina, an acidic environment provides natural protection against infection. Acidification of the vaginal environment with lactic acid supports the growth of ‘good’ lactobacilli, which make up the essential part of the vaginal flora. At the same time, acidification slows the reproduction of harmful pathogens. Lactic acid can thus be used as a preventative in those who are susceptible to recurrent vaginal infections.

Vagisan Lactic Acid is a pessary containing lactic acid and sodium lactate. It is used to maintain and restore natural pH levels in the vagina. This is normally between 3.8 and 4.4.

Vagisan Lactic Acid quickly and effectively acidifies the vaginal environment, at the same time adjusting it to the normal pH level in the vagina. It also quickly buffers the effects of alkaline bodily fluids such as blood or sperm (whose pH levels are above 7).


Vagisan Lactic Acid is well tolerated; the pessaries can also be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. For women who are susceptible to recurrent vaginal infections, Vagisan Lactic Acid is also safe for long-term use. The pessaries do not contain paraffin, petrolatum or other fats. Thus they do not affect the tear resistance of latex condoms or diaphragms (caps). Vagisan Lactic Acid pessaries contain no heat-sensitive fatty ingredients and therefore need not be refrigerated. No special storage conditions are required.


Insert one pessary as deep in the vagina as possible in the evening before going to bed. The pessary is easier to insert if it is first moistened under running water. The use of a panty liner is recommended due to the high solubility of the pessaries, which can cause increased discharge. The duration of administration is generally 5 – 7 days. Vagisan Lactic Acid can also be used two to three times a week over a longer period (one pessary in the evening).


Vagisan Lactic Acid – 7 vaginal pessaries

1 pessary contains: lactic acid, macrogol 1500, macrogol 6000, sodium lactate

Vagisan Lactic Acid is a medical device

You should consult your gynaecologist:
  • If you have discomfort in your intimate area for the first time

  • If you have a heavy discharge, particularly if it is the first time

  • If you have a discharge nearly all the time

  • If you develop abdominal pain and/or a fever, together with a discharge

  • If you have pain anywhere in your intimate area

  • If burning, itching or redness of the vulvar region becomes excessive

  • If you experience burning or pain when urinating

  • If you notice traces of blood on toilet paper after a bowel movement

  • If you have any discomfort in your intimate area while you are pregnant

Package information leaflet

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